Welcome To I Use Naturals

About Us

I Use Naturals  is a cottage style manufacturer of fresh, high quality, Paraben Free, GLUTEN FREE, naturally formulated cosmetics. We make our products available to you for bulk purchase as well as a wide variety of VEGAN products that are available for Private Label Skin Care, body Care and hair care product lines.

We were established in Alabama in 2000 where we operate in good manufacturing standards. We service both large and small companies and are happy to help you establish your line in the personal care industry as well.

Service and Product Snapshot:

  • Natural skin care products for all skin types
  • Natural hair care products for all ethnicities
  • Natural products specifically formulated for men to include: skin, body, hair and the fast growing NATURAL BEARD trend
  • Natural, Gentle pet friendly products

I Use Naturals is a Wholesale Natural Body Care Inc brand and we have been in business for 20 years and we are delighted to be here to help you when you need us.